Antico™ Aqua Grantique

Aqua Grantique features a timeless, familiar dark green palette that is deep, powerful and slightly dusty when used over large areas. Veining presents in muted white and a seascape color that is part green, part blue and mainly gray. Unlike most other granites and marbles used throughout the world, Aqua Grantique exhibits a distinctive directional mineral composition and this marble-like veining enhances the rich, smoky colors.

  • Antico aqua grantique leathered granite countertop swatch
  • Antico™ aqua granitique granite slab
  • Origin: United States
  • Geology: Gneiss
  • Dimension: Standard thickness is +/- 1-3/16 inches (3 cm).
  • Weight: Actual weight is determined by the final dimensions specified for the project.
  • Coverage: Typical slabs range from 90 inches to 110 inches wide varying by product and shipment.

Formats: Countertop